Hey I'm Kiran!

I'm gonna make a dent in the universe!

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About me

I’m a third year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kerala. I’m a lot into 80’s music and sci-fi movies, and a huge fan of The Lord Of The Rings, Hobbit and Silmarillion. Avatar and Dragon Ball, The Big Bang Theory include some of my favourite shows, apart from that on the geek side I love web development, physics, quantum computing, and product management. I’m a lot into Free and Open Source Software and I’m also a Mozillian

What I love doing

Product Management

I love building an delivering products. I am Knowledgeable in agile methodologies,gained IBM Design Thinking Co-Creator badges, and have completed various online courses and read various books. I can connect and empathize with the user and identify the core problem that is faced by a user.

Quantum Computing

I'm a Qiskit Advocate and is passionate about quantum technologies, I'm a self learner and have referred books like Quantum Computing and Quantum Information, Quantum Computing for Everyone. I also scored the 71st best score of 49 in IBM Quantum Challenge 2020.

Software Development

I am experienced in python/django for backend develpment. I am also familiar with various stacks like VueJS, Flutter, Wordpress, Flask, ExpressJS, QT, MongoDB, Postgres and various other software development tools.


I love designing too. I use Figma, Gravit and Inkscape to design posters, logos, ui mockups and graphic arts